Trailer PRONAR TB4

Self loading PRONAR TB4 bale transportation trailer on the tandem suspension enables more efficient way of loading and transport of straw fodder and green fodder. The trailer is equipped with the hydraulically controlled front mechanism that collects bales and load them onto the trailer.

The TB4 trailer allows smooth and truble-free loading of bales without Rusing lifts and loaders.

Rigid, hydraulically adjustable drawbar allows easy manoeuvres up to bales. The use of Pronar TB$ trailer can shorten the time required for loading and transporting and reduces fuel consumption.

  1. 1
    Light, stable construction and optimal floor thickness.
  2. 2
    Side ladders ensures safe bales transportation increasing the trailer usage safety.
  3. 3
    The complete process is controlled from the traktor cab.
  4. 4
    Low center of gravity of the trailer loaded with bales significantly increases stability and smooth driving.
Technical data
Permissible total weight: 10500 [kg]
Load capacity: 7000 [kg]
Empty weight: 3500 [kg]
Loading space: 17,5 [m 2]
Volume: 12 bales of dimensions 1200×1200 [mm]
Loading platform length: 6910 [mm]
Loading platform width: 2550 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 8940/2720/1980 [mm]
Loading platform height: 1060 [mm]
Platform thickness: 4 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 930 [mm]
Wheel track: 2000 [mm]
Suspension: parabolic springs
Hitch-ring load: 1350 [kg]
Tyres: 400/60-15,5
Maximum speed: 30 [km/h]
Tractor power requirement: 100/73 [KM/kW]
Standard equipment
Loading platform: hydraulically lifted
Unloading made by tipping the loading platform to the back
Tipping frame: rectangular made of closed profiles
Tandem suspenssion on 4 parabolic springs with 1030 mm axle track with fixed axles with drum brakes
Drawbar: fixed lower universal transportation hitch
Drawbar: rotary with ∅50 mm towing eye
Drawbar: fixed with hydraulic steering
Hydraulic self loading system at the front
Side rants
Hydraulically operated rear unloading device
Hydraulic distributor steering from the operator’s cabin
Braking system: single or double line air or hydraulic
Double-component chemically hardened painting materials
Crank hand brake
12V lightning system
Wheel chocks and racks
Frame painting colour: red RAL3000 PRONAR
Platform painting colour: green RAL6010 PRONAR
Additional equipment (optional)
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed with towing eye Ø40 mm
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed ball type K80 mm
Spare wheel (separately) 400/60-15,5
Waning triangle
Non standard colours according to RAL CALSSIC codes