Trailer PRONAR T028ML

Trailer Pronar T028ML is a universal three-axle trailer, with a large load capacity and with an extended load platform, designed mainly for transporting bales of straw, hay blocks or pallets. An important innovation in the construction is the possibility of adapting hydraulically raised side walls which secure the transported load.

Trailer Pronar T028ML – features:

Trailer PRONAR T028ML

  1. Universal frame
    The construction of the trailer is universal which means it is possible to use the trailer for transporting bales with the use of traditional ladders or with the use of hydraulically raised side walls.
  2. Retractable rear frame
    When using traditional ladders, usually load belts are used to secure the load. With this solution, the load surface, adjusted by the retractable rear frame, enables adjustment of the loading length to the dimensions of the transported materials. Thanks to which it is possible to transport bales and straw or hay cubes of various sizes.
  3. Enlarged load platform 12 (13, 1) m
    Trailer PRONAR T028ML is designed for transporting extremely large loads of bales or cubes. The load platform has a length of 12 meters and with the use of traditional supporting ladders it is adapted to 13,1 m length due to special 1 meter extension at the rear. The stringers of the platform were made as profiles with a variable cross-section with a very high strength indicator.
  4. Platform width 2400mm between ranks
    The trailer mainly enables the transport of bales and grass or straw cubes in agriculture, but the dimensions of the platform and side rails enable loading of pallets and a wide range of different palletised or packaged materials used in construction, industry or municipal services.
  5. Rounded side edge
    The trailer has a load platform equipped with profiled, rounded side edges, thanks to which the load is secured against slipping, and at the same time the foil of wrapped bales and other loads is protected against abrasion.
  6. Hydraulically driven protective side walls
    In trailer Pronar T028ML, it is possible to use hydraulically driven side protection walls which ensure fast and secure protection of cargo on the platform. Due to sidewalls transport is carried out safely without exposing other users of public roads. It is possible to secure the transported bales much faster and in an absolutely effective way than traditional manual securing with transport belts. The loading of the trailer takes place from the side of one of the walls raised upwards. The protection occurs as a result of lowering and approaching the wall to the load. The movement control (lowering, approach, retraction, lifting) of the sidewall is carried out using the tractor’s hydraulic distributor. Switching of the control (left wall – right wall) is done with the manual hydraulic valves of the trailer.
  7. Holes for transport belts
    When using traditional ladders, load belts are used to secure the load. For the use of belts, special holes for their attachment are placed on the sides of the trailer.
  8. Rear overrun protection
    Trailer Pronar T028ML as standard is equipped with rear overrun protection in accordance with 70/221 / EWG and is adapted for additional mounting of additional overrun devices increasing transport safety.
  9. Large wheelbase
    The trailer is more stable when driving on uneven terrain or driving around curve.
  10. Low-profile tyres
    Due to the lower floor, low-profile tyres the PRONAR T028ML is easier to operate and the lower center of gravity of the load makes the trailer more stable.
  11. Parabolic springs
    Three-axle suspension system consists of a strong ball turntable at the front and a tandem spring suspension at the rear. Extremely strong parabolic springs and axles are adapted to speed of 40km/h. Chemically hardened two-component painting materials provide high resistance and anti-corrosion durability and resistance to UV radiation.
  12. Wide range of additional equipment
    The trailer can optionally be equipped with a number of functional solutions, thanks to which the user can adapt the vehicle to his individual needs.
    The trailer can be equipped with hydraulically raised sidewalls securing the load, which affect the comfort of operation and safety of use.
    A Y-type drawbar can be used to facilitate manoeuvring of the trailer.
    Other possibilities of additional equipment raising the standard of the trailer include a tool box, side overrun protection, additional front and rear wheel fenders as well as different sizes of special tyres.

Technical data
Version WITHOUT hydr. Side walls Version WITH hydr. side walls
Permissible total weight: 24000 [kg]
Load capacity: 17420 15870 [kg]
Empty weight: 6580 8130 [kg]
Loading space (rear frame folded/extended): 28,8/31,4 28,8 (folded only) [m 2]
Loading platform length (rear frame folded/extended): 12000/13100 12000 (folded only) [mm]
Loading platform width: 2470 2470 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 14100/2525/2900 * 14100/2545/3715 *** [mm]
15200/2525/2900 ** 14100/2945/4585 **** [mm]
Ladders height measured from the platform: 1790 2605 [mm]
Hydraulic side walls heigh:  – 2425 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 1110 [mm]
Platform thickness: 3 [mm]
Wheel track: 1960 [mm]
Suspension: parabolic springs
Tyres: 445/45R19,5
Maximum speed: 40 [km/h]
Tractor power requirement: 124,8/91,8 [HP/kW]
* rear frame folded with rear ladder 14°
** rear frame extended with rear ladder 14 °
*** side walls with transport position
**** side walls with working position lifted to height 3000 mm above the floor
Standard equipment
Platform with profiles on the floor edges
Frame made of I-beams, open and closed rectangular profiles
Frame adjusted to the rear hitch mounting
Frame adjusted for mounting hydraulic sidewalls
Drawbar type: V- type rigid with towing eye ø40 mm
Steering: rotating turntable
Side ladders with adjustment of angle inclination suitable for transportaion round and square bales
Extendable rear frame with ladder increasing the loading space
Extendable rear frame supported by pin retainer
Holes for belt tightening on the platform side
Braking system: single line air or hydraulic
Crank hand brake
12V lightning system with rear electric socket and clearance lights
Rear underrun protection according to 70/221/EWG with lights and space for number plate
Rear electric socket
Wheel chocks and racks
Double-component chemically hardened painting materials, UV-resistant
Platform color: green RAL6010 PRONAR
Wheel chocks in galvanized pockets
Additional equipment (optional)
Hydraulic sidewalls with vertical ladders at the front and rear (loading length 12000mm)*
Drawbar : Y type with ø40 fixed towing eye
Tool box
Rear hitch ORLANDI IH380A4
Rear hitch ROCKINGER 400G145
Rearmanual,  fixed hitch
Side underrun protection 89/297/EWG
Braking system: double line air with automatic (ALB)
Front and rear plastic mudguards with galvanized supports 4 pieces
Front and rear plastic mudguards with galvanized supports 8 pieces
Tyres 385/65R22,5 Reg
Tyres 385/65R22,5
Tyres 500/60R22,5
Tyres 560/45R22,5
Spare wheel 445/45R19.5 (seperately)
Spare wheel 385/65R22,5 REG. (seperately)
Spare wheel 385/65R22,5 (seperately)
Spare wheel 500/60R22,5 (seperately)
Spare wheel 560/45R22,5 (seperately)
Warning triangle
Non standard colours according to RAL CALSSIC codes
* no possibility to adjust the trailer with rear frame extension with ladders


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