Trailer PRONAR T026KM

Trailer PRONAR T026KM is a universal product, intended mainly for the transport of bales or square bales of straw or hay, as well as the cargo on pallets and box-pallets. Being able to quickly install the special rigid posts it is possible to use it also for transport of cutted or long logs of wood, or other long materials, that need the additional rear, front or lateral protection. A large loading area of the trailer and its optimal capacity are giving the possibility of transport of wide variety of different materials and the use of the trailer not only in the agriculture.

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    It allows to transport of bales, square bales, euro-pallets and box-pallets in agriculture, cutted and long logs of wood in forestry, other long material and a wide variety of other materials palletized or packed products, that are used in construction, industry, municipal services, trade, etc.
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    Trailer PRONAR T026KM has reinforced loading platform with rounded off side borders, so that the loading is protected against sliding down, and the foil of wrapped bales and other goods is protected against damage at the same time. The dimensions of the platform and side boarders enables the transport of euro-pallets and box-pallets. The loading area adjusted by using the slide-off rear frame enables to fit the loading length to transported materials, so it is possible to transport materials with dimension of more than 10 meters. The use of four-point (as optional) attachment system provides even more stable attachment to the platform and allows to resign from sustaining cords, that usually disturbs in loading. The use of the optional drawbar type Y makes it easy to manoeuver the trailer during the work. Optional posts are being installed in the simple way by using only one screw, and after their disassembly the holes can be covered with the end caps.
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    The loading platform is made of 4mm thick metal sheet, of steel of high strength properties and with only one central weld, so that the whole construction of Trailer PRONAR T026KM is rigid and resistant to overload. In the structure of the platform and the side boarders there are no welds, so that unnecessary places of the corrosion have been eliminated. The use of the reinforces axles causes that this trailer is designed for driving with the speed of 40km/h. Applied two-component hardened paints gives high resistance and durability against corrosion and UV radiation.
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    Trailer PRONAR T026KM can be equipped with various functional solutions, thanks to that you can customize the trailer to your individual needs. Among others a possibility of installing the tool box, in which it is possible to store e.g. belts fastening the load together, affects the convenience of the use. Trailer, thanks to possibility of use of multiple braking systems, can be used with different tractors. Possibility to mount rear hitch increase its functionality and the use of winch with spare wheel under the frame of the trailer makes it easy to use the spare wheel in case of breakdown continuing the driving.
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    Trailer PRONAR T026KM has rounded off side borders of the platform as well as the side ladders, which are securing the load before slipping off of the trailer, that at the same time don’t cause damage to the foil wrapping of bales. To protect the cargo the standard resistance ladders are mounted on two screws and secured with fastening cords. On the shaped sides of the platform and ladders are retaining holes, that are used for hooking the security belts. Trailer equipped in stanchions (4 at the front and rear or 7 at each side at the same time) instead of resistance ladders allows the robust security while transportation logs of wood.  In addition, each stanchion is mounted with a special eyelet for fastening belts. Optional the trailer can be equipped with two ratchet device in the front, for belts or for safety cords.  Optionally, the trailer can be equipped with side protections according to 89/297 / EEC, which eliminate the risk of damage during a side collision with another vehicle. The triangle distinguishing slow-moving vehicles is also available as an option for an additional charge.
    For fixing the ladders are used the screws with integrated heads, so that these elements are not sticking out and will not cause the damage of loading or hurt of the user, as well as improved the aesthetics of the trailer.
    During the stop it is possible to secure the trailer by using chocks, which are in standard equipment.
Technical data
Version WITHOUT hydr. Side walls Version WITH hydr. side walls
Permissible total weight: 18000 [kg]
Load capacity: 13470 12160 [kg]
Empty weight: 4530* 5840 [kg]
Loading space (rear frame folded/extended): 24/26,2 23,8 (folded only) [m 2]
Loading platform length (rear frame folded/extended): 9880/10770 9695 (folded only) [mm]
Loading platform width: 2517 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 12000/2550/2860 ** 12000/2545/3715 **** [mm]
13200/2555/2860 *** 12000/2945/4585 ***** [mm]
Ladders height measured from the platform: 1680 2605 [mm]
Hydraulic side walls heigh:  – 2425 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 1110 [mm]
Platform thickness: 4 [mm]
Wheel track: 1820 [mm]
Suspension: parabolic springs
Tyres: 500/50-17
Maximum speed: 40 [km/h]
Tractor power requirement: 93,6/68,8 [HP/kW]
* Weight of the trailer equipped with front and rear posts instead of front and rear ladders – 4802 kg-
** rear frame extended with rear ladder 1 °
*** rear frame extended with rear ladder 14°
**** side walls with transport position
***** siede walls with working position lifted to height 3000 mm above the floor
Standard equipment
Rounded profiles on the floor edges
Reinforced platform floor equipped with holes for posts assembly at the front, rear and side of the trailer
Frame made of open and closed rectangular profiles
Frame adjusted to the hydraulic walls mounting
Frame adjusted to the rear hitch mounting
Drawbar type: V- type rigid with towing eye ø40 mm
Steering: rotating turntable
Side ladders with rounded profiles
Platform extension
Holes for belt tightening on the platform side
Holes for belt tightening on the side ladders
Braking system: single line, double line air or hydraulic
Crank hand brake
12V lightning system with rear electric socket and clearance lights
Rear underrun protection according to 70/221/EWG with lights and space for number plate
Rear electric socket
Double-component chemically hardened painting materials, UV-resistant
Platform color: green RAL6010 PRONAR
Wheel chocks in galvanized pockets
Additional equipment (optional)
Hydraulic sidewalls with vertical ladders at the front and rear
Front and rear posts (4 pcs on each side) for timber transportation, instead of front and rear ladders for bale transportation **
Front and rear posts (4 pcs on each side) + side posts ( 7 pcs on each side) for timber transportation, instead of front and rear ladders for bale transportation **
Front and rear posts (4 pcs on each side) for timber transportation, together with front and rear ladders for bale transportation **
Front and rear posts (4 pcs on each side) + side posts ( 7 pcs on each side) for timber transportation, together with front and rear ladders for bale transportation **
Drawbar : Y type with ø40 fixed towing eye
Tool box
Side underrun protection 89/297/EWG
Two belt-rolling devices with trigger
Side ladders with rounded profiles mounted with four screws
Rear manual hitch, fixed (D=44kN)**
Front and rear plastic mudguards with galvanized supports
Front and rear plastic mudguards with galvanized supports with additional mudguard fitted at the front of the rear axle
Spare wheel winch unit
Braking system: double line air with automatic (ALB)
Braking system: combined (double line air + hydraulic)
Braking system: combined (double line air +  hydraulic with electric safety valve and braking force controller)
Tyres 520/50-17
Tyres 445/45R19,5
Spare wheel (separately) 500/50-17
Spare wheel (separately) 520/50-17
Spare wheel  ( seperately) 445/45R19,5
Non standard colours according to RAL CALSSIC codes
* trailer is not designed for towing seocnd trailer according to homologation documentation
** posts equipped with hooks for transport belts, post height: 1200 mm,  loading space width between posts: 2324 mm