Trailer PRONAR T024R

PRONAR  is the only manufacturer to offer specialized trailer on caterpillar tracks. The trailer is addapted for bale transportation on marshy and boggy terrain.

PRONAR T024R bale transporattion trailer is durable center-axle trailer with innovative solution of very wide tracks instead of standard tires.

The trailer is equiped with suspended track frame includes two tracks with rubber shoes.

Thanks to the amortized shafts and tires with tracks, can be saffely and stable used on the rough terrain. There is difficulties to use conventional equipment in such a fastchanging environment when the meadows are alluvial. The bale trailer T024R will be the best choise in those circumstances.

  1. 1
    Light, stable construction and optimal floor thickness .
  2. 2
    The height of the ladders allows to load up two layers of bales, low construction ensures easier loading.
  3. 3
    Thanks to the amortized shafts and tires with tracks, can be saffely and stable used on the rough terrain.
  4. 4
    Very wide tracks instead of standard tires.
Allowable total weight (constructional): 13000 [kg]
Allowable total weight: 13000 [kg]
Loading capacity: 8000 [kg]
Empty weight: ok. 5000* [kg]
Load volume: 17,4 [m 3]
Loading platform length: 7170 [mm]
Loading platform width: 2435* [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 9290/3680/2955 [mm]
Loading platform height: 1680 [mm]
Floor thickness: 3 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 1310 [mm]
Track spacing 2270 [mm]
Track width 1400 [mm]
Track length 4040 [mm]
Suspension: rigid swingarm
Hitch-ring load: 1925 [kg]
* Indicative curb weight, the actual weight depends on the construction of tracks and equipment


Standard equipment
Loading platform with flat side borders
Chassis frame made of closed rectangular profiles
Drawbar type: uniwersal rigid to couple with lower or upper hitch of the tractor
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary with towing eye ∅50 mm
Drawbar support: hydraulic scissor-type leg
Side ladders: front and rear
Lighting system 12V with clearence lights
Rear under-ride guard according to 70/221/EC integrated with commercial road lighting system
Rear electric socket
Chemically hardened painting materials , UV-resistant
Platform color: green RAL6010 PRONAR

Additional equipment (optional):

  • Rear manual hitch
  • Slow moving vehicle triangle
  • Tool box