Municipal machinery

Pronar Municipal machinery is:

  • Complete and full offer of machinery for summer and winter road, pavements, parks and properties, bus-stops and public places maintenance.
  • Multi-purpouse machinery used for all maintenance work in parks, green urban areas, green belts, lawns and for field drains cleaning
  • Machinery designed for municipal waste-sorting and waste-treatment
  • Containers, tanks and vessels for accumulating and transporting municipal garbage, liquids and water.

PRONAR Municipal Machinery – offer, which fits your needs:

PRONAR Municipal machinery - tractorsMunicipal tractors with power up to 106HP.
PRONAR Municipal machinery - snowplowsSnow plows with working width from 1,4m up to 5,8m


PRONAR Municipal machinery - spreadersSpreaders with load capacity from 300 kg up to 10 000 kg
PRONAR Municipal machinery - sweepersSweepers with working width from 1,4m to 2,7m


PRONAR Municipal machinery - snow blowersSnow blowers with working width up to 2,5m
PRONAR Municipal machinery - multifunction hydraulic armsMultifunction hydraulic arms with horizontal reach up to 6m, and various working heads


PRONAR Municipal machinery - mulchersMulchers with working width up to 2,5m
Technika komunalna Pronar - konteneryContainers and tanks with a capacity over 26m3


PRONAR Municipal machinery - othersRoad graders, water tanks, hydraulic feeders and more.