Steel sideboards

In 2012 Pronar company began producing steel sideboards, used in agricultural trailers and trucks.

Profiles are producing from high quality steel S235JR from leading European suppliers.

Our profiles are producing on the newest production line, we guarantee high product quality, because manufacture process is full automated and computer controlled.

Steel sideboards are available:

  • in thickness from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm
  • length between 1250 mm to 6000 mm
  • wide 500 mm, 600 mm and 800 mm

Depend of client request we are able to offer profiles with sealant and without (PBP, PBB). Outside sealant are in types PSP and PSB inside sealant are models: PNP and PNB.
We manufacture wavy and trapezoid shape of profiles.

  1. PBB – side profiles without sealant
      • PBBF500/60

      • PBBF500/70

      • PBBF600/60

      • PBBF600/70

      • PBBT800/60

  2. PBP- front profiles without sealant
      • PBPF500/33

      • PBPF600/33

      • PBPT800/33

  3. PNB – extension of side profiles
      • PNBF500/60

      • PNBF500/70

      • PNBF600/60

      • PNBF600/70

      • PNBT800/60

  4. PNP – extension of front profiles
      • PNPF500/33

      • PNPF600/33

      • PNPT800/33

  5. PSB – side profiles
      • PSBF500/60

      • PSBF500/70

      • PSBF600/60

      • PSBF600/70

      • PSBT800/60

  6. PSP – front profiles
      • PSPF500/33

      • PSPF600/33

      • PSPT800/33

Sideboards are made from S235JR steel from renowned ironworks; they are laser welded with innovative and high precision method. Weld is welded on all long length, create one continuous weld, and by apply this method we can guarantee of waterproof.

Through all restrictive tolerances we could provide sideboards which completely contact with floor provide tightness. We offer used anticorrosion substance on profiles which secure good for long time for atmospheric conditions.

Full automotive line increase productivity and helps us minimized opportunity of human mistake that why we are able to produce boards for own and customer use.

PRONAR laser welded high quality sidewalls for trailers