Establishment of company & creation of PRONAR brand


Export and import of agri-food products and mineral fertilizers


Beginning of trade with Belarus tractors  


Expansion of main plant for production of tractors, start of wholesale of fuels and motor oils


Start of production of Simple tractors based on imported components


Dynamic development of trade of MTZ and self-developed tractors  


Creation of a dealer and service network in Poland 


Modernisation and adaptation of plant in Narew to new lines of production


Record volume of production and sale of tractors, dynamic development of PRONAR brand of tractors


Launch of autonomous Disc Wheel Department 


Launch of Pneumatics & Hydraulic Department expansion of trade into import and wholesale of metallurgical materials


Expansion to Export markets  


Active development of technical and engineering facilities, high employment growth, the start of serial production of PRONAR municipal


Launch of Plastic Production Department, introduction of ISO 9001:2000


Expansion of social and Office premisses and modernisation of assembly lines, launch of new manufacturing lines for new equipment


Start of production and sales of agricultural trailers 


Increased commercial activites in the internal and export markets, development and construction of agricultural, municipal, forestry and public works & building machinery – launch of mass production of these types of machines


Start of cooperation with Korean Daedong ltd – distribution of Kioti brand of tractors in Poland


Start of production and sales of high-tech tractors P5 and P7 series, a complete line for hay and straw and machines for feeding. Upgrade of factory in Narew – assembly lines for trailers, disc wheels and tractors


Implementation of the Integrated Information System SAP


Start of production of high-power tractors P6 and P9, launching of plant for hay and straw machinery in Strabla


Start of production and sales of machines and trailers for aggregation with trucks


Launch of factory in Narewka intensive growth of production and sales of bulk trailers


Start of production and sales of steel profiles, strong employment growth and the expansion of sales on six continents, start of construction of factory in Hajnowka


Start of production and sales of axles, machinery for sorting and processing of municipal waste and mowing bars constructed by Pronar engineers


Commencement of construction of Research and Development Center (RDC) in Narew and commissioning of new warehouse of Disc Wheels Dept.


Expansion and modernization of factory in Siemiatycze, Service Department in Narew. Modernization of production and technological facilities of R&D Dept., Disc Wheel Dept. and Pneumatic & Hydraulics Dept. Production and sales of machines for recycling Construction of the Factory in Hajnówka ( axle production)


Construction of new production halls in Narewka Construction of new production halls in Siemiatycze Final construction and finishing work in new Factory in Hajnówka (axle production) Serial production of the new generation of P5 tractors Opening of the Research and Development Centre (RDC)


Launch of new production plant in Factory of Siemiatycze 3000m2 of exhibition space at Pol-Eko System trade fair Awards: Gold medal  winner – Investor and Exporter of the Year Mass production of slow-speed shredder


Launch of new production plant in Factory in Narewka Launch of a new factory in Hajnówka MTP Gold Medals and Consumer Choice for the Mobile Stockpiler PRONAR series MPT


Launch of the production of single-shaft, high-speed shredder and Pronar Mobile Windrow Turner Opening of a new Point of Sales in Łany New ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 standards also for the factory in Hajnówka Modernization of the Wheels Department New Reaserch and Dewelopment Center accreditation Automated working positions at the factory in Siemiatycze


The opening of a new construction office in Wagrowiec, where are designed sorting installations for the management of mixed municipal waste and waste from the selective collection. Awards: Committed for Polish export, Medal of the International Road Construction Fair Autostrada-Polska, Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair for the Pronar HPBK-67HA Channel Baling Press, Golden Hundred of Polish Agriculture, Polskie Gepardy “Wprost”


Opening of a new branch in Białystok, where parts and units for agricultural trailers, municipal machines, and recycling machines are produced. Granting Pronar the Welding Technology Recognition Certificates – WPQR (Welding Procedure Qualification Record) by TÜV Rheinland Opening of the Pronar Aviation Training Center Expansion of the machinery park of the Disc Wheels Department


Construction of the Exhibition Center in Siemiatycze Start of production of double-shaft asynchronous shredders Launch of the dynamic recycling machines show zone in Siemiatycze