Design Department

Designing is our passion, and impossible things are challenge for us

Design – Technology Department has 150 engineers working on our own Science and Research Centre. We have 20 years of experience in designing and implementation. In addition to his own design office we have a prototype division and pattern shop.
In our work we base on CAD / CAM (Solid Edge / NX) and Autodesk (AutoCAD). To speed up the work, increase the teamwork efficiency (concurrent engineering), and increase data security we have implemented PLM system to manage documentation and product life cycle. We have implemented a quality management system according to ISO 9001 in such areas as design. At the stage of research and development work with DEKRA, TUV, ITS, PIMOT, ITP, SZZPLS a.s., TDT, and technical universities.

We have designed and implemented more than 450 products of the agricultural machinery, municipal and automotive industry – until now.

We have a great experience in the design and construction of machinery and technological equipment:

  • automatic production and diagnostic lines
  • welding, metal forming and machining tooling
  • molds for plastic components in the following technologies:
    • vacuum thermoforming
    • low pressure injection of soft polyurethane and integrals
    • rotomolding
    • polyester – glass fiber laminate

Greatest achievements:

  • line of wetlands green mass harvesting (the first and only implementation in Poland)
  • trailer with sliding wall (the only implementation in Poland)
  • tractor cab without a central pillar (the only implementation in Poland)
  • snow plough with telescopic mouldboards (the only implementation in Poland)
  • full line of tractors 35-265KM
  • full line of agricultural trailers
  • cutter blades range for cutters
  • mobile trommel screens for municipal waste
  • mobile crushers for municipal waste
  • diagnostic stations (among others for hydraulic cylinders testing, for cutter blades noise testing, axles research, research wheels)


All the work we do with keeping all the necessary phases of implementation and at each stage of the project we enable the customer active presence. During the project we guarantee maintain its secrecy and confidentiality.

Depending on the project complexity (hydraulics, automation, electronics and electrical, power transmission systems, welding technology) we engage in the relevant specialist engineers.

We do complex projects or some of its stages as:

  • market research
  • concept and selection of the optimal solution
  • patent clearance examination
  • the development of the prototype technical design
  • project computer visualization
  • strength analysis using computer tools for calculations and simulations
  • a prototype manufacturing
  • stand and movement testing (including operational and accelerated)
  • developing a full construction and technological documentation for serial production
  • preparation of instruments documentation and workshop appliances
  • preparation of products approval and certification documentation
  • preparation of utility model, industrial or invention documentation and notification
  • product development

We guarantee an individual approach to each project. Each time we discuss with the client the scope of design services and we offer several options in order to ensure effective implementation. Because of our experience we react in real time in case of the design assumptions changing.