Pneumatics & Hydraulics

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department was founded in spring time 1998. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department is leading manufacturer and the forcible hydraulics that apply in wide scale both in farm and building machines, forest machines and also in the transport technology.
Within the framework of the Department the modern office exists of constructions and technology employing high qualified specialists working on with the development and the improvement of the products scale.

Thanks to use CAD / CAM software aiding the computer design and the production process the quick reaction is possible to answer clients and to shorten to the minimum the time of the production process in compliance with client’s requirements. The experience of the PRONAR’s people and applied here technologies make this Division (Department) a center of the modern technology within the pneumatics and the forcible hydraulics.

The Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department possesses the very modern set of machinery based chiefly on digitally controlled machine tools, thanks to which the factory is situated among national leaders concerning the development of modern technologies in production processes. It makes the offer of the Company PRONAR within the range of pneumatics and the forcible hydraulics unusually attractive and permits to fulfill needs of even the most demanding clients.
We guarantee our partners high quality products and stability cooperate.