Within machining PRONAR has at the disposal several dozen digitally controlled lathes and turning-milling centers-, both in the handle and bar versions, with possible processing of details within the range of diameters from some millimeters to above 1 meter and lengths of the turning to 3 m! The turning-milling centers working at the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department, thanks to the use of the option of the driven tools, of the processing within the axis “Y” and within the intercepting spindle, make possible one post execution of complicated details and complicated constructions.

Also, as far as it concerns the milling, the stock of machinery of the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department is based on modern machine tools, equipped in an exchange system for palettes and allowing the 5 axes processing. The processing is possible both in details small dimensions and when the volume exceeds 1 m3.

The Pneumatics and Hydraulics Department being one of leading producers of the forcible hydraulics in Europe uses in its production a very wide range of the grinding and polishing machines with centers or not. PRONAR possesses the modern grinding polishing line, equipped the automated loading – receiving system, making possible the grinding without centers and polishing elements of hydraulic actuators. This is the unique device in the European scale constructed and made for needs of PRONAR.
The welding is also one of the key-methods in the production, used in manufacturing processes at the Pneumatics and Hydraulics Department. It is used within the methods TIG and MIG/MAG. The welding plant is equipped with welding longitudinal and circumferential devices in the vertical and horizontal versions.
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Department has very modern coating line. It is designed to paint hydraulic cylinders, compressed air containers, brake’s sytems and other Pronar’s products, which meet the dimensional condition.
Coating line realizing individual customers wishes and offer full RAL pallets color. In technological line Pronar use innovative construction solutions, which made Pronar in leaders in modern companies.
Coating line include:

  • spray washers;
  • dryers;
  • store paint;
  • painting booths;
  • automatic circulating conveyor;
  • automatic station for the internal coating of compressed air containers.
Analyzing the stock of machinery of the Pneumatics and Hydraulics Department one can, with full responsibility, ascertain that the Company PRONAR belongs to European leaders within the range of modern technologies of the production. The production of this Division concerns:

  • machining; turning, milling, drilling, grinding, polishing,
  • welding with methods TIG, MIG/MAG utilizing automated circumferential and linear welding devices,
  • plastic processing of metal sheets and sections,
  • assembly, the inspection and the full diagnostics of produced products.

Detail are manufactured using modern technologist and CNC machines:

  • turning machines;
  • single -, six – and eight spindled automatic lathes;
  • turning – miling centres;
  • miling centres;
  • presses, ballers and spinning machines
  • welding robots