Axles & drivelines

The axle production department was established in 2012. We manufacture and sell braked and unbraked axles and half-shafts. We also provide our customers with axles complemented with full sets of suspensions and wheels.

Our current range of products includes axles for trailers and agricultural machines with payload from 4 to 24 t. Main components are produced and assembled in Pronar’s production plants while some elements, mostly standardized parts such as bearings, leak stoppers and bolts, are supplied by world-class manufacturers.

Our axles and half-shafts are designed for: agricultural trailers, sprayers, large-size cultivating units, construction, municipal and forestry machines.

The implementation department responsible for the product research and development is capable of preparing an axle to match the customer’s individual needs. With advanced 3D design technology, we can offer optimum solutions meeting the needs of every customer.

Pivots are produced on a modern, fully automated line. It consists of two work stations. The first one is used for roughing; it is fitted with its own automation systems and a number of sensors and drivers. The other station is used for finishing. The machining process is carried out by means of a dedicated six-spindle head, which enables finishing and operations such as drilling holes, thread burnishing and pivot surface burnishing. The burnishing process is a surface plastic working process by applying stress onto the surface of the workpiece with a tool having a smooth working surface. Burnishing is aimed at increasing corrosion resistance of the surface layer and reducing the surface roughness, thus significantly prolonging the material life. Surface burnishing is an innovation in axle production – hallmark of our product resulting in a considerably longer life of the axle. The two stations are connected to each other by means of a system of gripping devices and conveyors, enhancing greater output and minimising the human factor in production. The control and measuring stand is an essential part of the line. Each processed element is directed to a special measurement table, where processed parameters are controlled automatically. If a dimension exceeds pre-programmed dimensional tolerances, the measuring device signals it to the machine tool, which in turn adjusts automatically the processed parameters. Another equally important element at the department is the welding and assembly line designed for the axle assembly. Here, previously manufactured and purchased components (elements) are assembled by means of devices with special instrumentation to form a finished product. This line has two welding cells, roller tables, cranes and assembly stands.
The high quality and absolute repeatability of manufactured axle components and of the very axles, confirmed with an ISO 9001 certificate, is due to the continuous monitoring and unremitting improvement of manufacturing processes.

  1. Braked axles and stubaxles

    We offer a full range of braked axles and half-shafts for trailers with payloads from 1 to 24 t. We have different wheel connector types to meet our customers’ needs. Depending on the load, we offer various bearing mounting types. According to loads and speed we propose different sizes of support rods.
    Our offer includes the following products:
    Brake 250×60 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 300×60 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 300×90 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 300×135 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 400×80 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 406×120 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.
    Brake 406×140 with several variants of rim connectors and any wheel track.

  2. Unbraked axles and stubaxles
    Unbraked axles and half-shafts are used in devices with relatively small speeds and in devices with low kerb weights. Axles and half-shafts contain a hub and support rod with square or round cross-sections.
    For such products we have prepared a number of wheel connectors and bearing mounting types.

  3. Suspensions

    With the multi-product profile of own production and reaching out to meet the customer’s expectations, we have decided to become a manufacturer and supplier of ready-made wheels, steering and suspension systems which could be used by other manufacturers of trailers. Besides axles, wheels, steering and suspension systems include suspension springs, wheels with tyres, springs and hydraulic and pneumatic servo-motors. All those components are manufactured at Pronar, therefore we are able to offer very competitive prices. The ready-made steering and suspension systems may be used in trailers as well as other agricultural, construction or municipal machines.
    The knowledge of the customer’s expectations is indispensable in the design of suspensions. We are looking forward to cooperation – please contact us by phone, e-mail or by filling in the form available on our website.

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    All the products we offer have approval certificates, which allows for the use of our products in vehicles travelling on public roads.

    Brake type Brake drum size [mm] Brake test report Braking force per axle [kg] Wheel radius
    wg StVZO do 25 km/h wg StVZO do 40 km/h 25 km/h 40 km/h R min [mm] R max [mm]
    2560P 250×60 BLH.074.13B BLH.075.13B 4137 2793 348
    4000 2700 360
    3060P 300×60 BLH.066.13B BLH.067.13B 6515 3561/4041* 396
    5353 2925/3319* 482
    3090P 300×90 BLH.062.13B BLH.063.13B 10485 7863 396
    8632 6474 481
    3013P 300×135 BLH.072.13B BLH.073.13B 15081 9871 372
    11663 7634 481
    4080P 400×80 BLH.064.13B BLH.065.13B 11642 8917 481
    10108 7742 554
    4012P 406×120 BLH.068.13B BLH.069.13B 14977 11602 481
    12128 9395 594
    4014P 406×140 BLH.070.13B BLH.071.13B 17838 14846 481
    14444 12022 594

    * the braking force depending on the type of friction material