The Pronar Exhibition Centre

The Pronar Exhibition Centre is a unique place created with our guests in mind. This permanent factory exhibition takes up the area of over 10ha, which makes it an unprecedented undertaking on a European scale, at least. On this enormous area we managed to present our whole portfolio of agricultural, municipal and recycling machinery, as well as the Power of Pronar in the field of components. The main goal of the Centre is not only to present the offer but also to show technology and innovation behind our solutions.

The Centre contains of two parts- exhibition square, where machinery was grouped by the family of products, and two halls. The smaller one is now entirely dedicated to rims for slow-moving machinery in production of which Pronar is world runner-up. In the second building we can find incl. exhibition dedicated to pneumatics and hydraulics, axles and driver system and plastics. There are also elements of individual groups of machines and models of mobile and stationary waste sorting lines.

The Exhibition takes place right next to the Pronar factory in Siemiatycze, to which access is facilitated by the city’s location near trans-European route Via Carpatia (national S-19). Some of the guests reaches the Centre by aircraft of Pronar air fleet. We encourage to check out the photo galleries of past visits available below. Especially since the vast majority of guests also visit our factories.