About us

Pronar company was founded almost 30 years ago in Narew, Podlasie region in the North – East part of Poland.

Pro” means the Production, “Nar” is an abbreviation of Narew – hence the name of the company. Pronar hires more than 3,000 employees. In 9 modern factories located on the area of the size of over 90 football pitches and 10 000 tons of steel monthly usage.

Since the company was established in 1988 the owners had the unique idea for the development of the company focused primarily on the implementation of the diverse range of products.

Nowadays Pronar is the undisputed leader in the production and sales of machinery and equipment for agriculture, municipal services and transportation industry with nearly 50% market share in the Polish market. Pronar is also the world’s major player among the manufacturers of wheels for agricultural and municipal machinery, pneumatic and hydraulic systems, axles for trailers, as well as steel profiles and plastic components.

Over the years, the commitment, innovation, modernity and the highest quality made machinery and equipment from Narew competitive in international markets and successfully gaining them. The company has built the dealers’ network in all European Union countries, Scandinavia and Russia. Pronar’s products are exported to over 80 countries including Africa, both Americas as well as New Zealand and Australia.




Pronar is in a 100% Polish company that constantly and dynamically develops, invests in unique on an European scale solutions in terms of products and technology – in order to be independent and self-sufficient manufacturer.

In 2014 Pronar opened a Research and Development Centre. This step allowed the company to become more innovative enterprise. In this R&D Centre qualified employees work on new designs, where the strength and accuracy of the new solutions are explored to keep detailed control of products quality.

With a number of market-leading products and solutions Pronar sets new trends in agricultural technology, municipal services and waste management. As a result, the company is a pioneer regarding technology and also an initiator of the entire industry, all in a harmony with the environment – guided by the motto “Technique for nature”.