Forestry trailer PRONAR T644/1

Forestry trailer PRONAR T644/1 is equipped with hydraulically steered drawbar which makes work between trees more easily. The distance between side posts allows to transport long logs or thin branches. Crane is controlled by using Bowden’s cords connected to the hydraulic distributor. Maximum reach is 6900mm and its maximum lifting capacity with that reach is 450 kg. Lever set mounted inside the tractor and their proper length allow to work with tractor of any brand.

  1. 1
    Thanks to the steered drawbar trailer’s maneuverability is much higher.
  2. 2
    Allows to transport thick logs as well as thin branches.
  3. 3
    Wide tires and high quality workmanship ensure efficient work in hard conditions.
  4. 4
    Customer may order optional equipment which increase functionality of this trailer.

Allowable total weight (technically) 13000 [kg]
Permissible total weight: 12200 [kg]
Load capacity: 8000 [kg]
Empty weight: 4200 [kg]
Load volume: 10.5* [m 3]
Side posts number: 10 [szt.]
Loading case inside length: 3470 (4310*) [mm]
Loading case inside width: 1810 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height 6440*/2100/3300** [mm]
Height of loading space: 1440 [mm]
Crane’s working diameter: 6900 [mm]
Crane’s load capacity in maximum working diameter: 450 [kg]
Rotation angle of the crane: 200 (left) +200 (right) [˚]
Wheel track: 1670 [mm]
Suspension: tandem type on trailing arm with bearings
Drawbar rotation angle – to the left / to the right 24º/24º
Hitch-ring load: 2000 [kg]
Tyres: 400/60-15,5 145A8 Flotation
Construction speed: 30 [km/h]
Tractor power requirement: 80/58,8 [hp/kW]
Maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system: 180 bar
Minimum external tractor hydraulic system requirements oil cooling system with min. 40l with pomp oil flow rate min. 40l/min
* when rear frame is pulled out
** Height with folded crane

Standard equipment
Frame: rectangular frame with additional protective steel sheet over axels.
Tandem type suspension with 2 trailing arms and fixed axle shafts equipped with drum brakes
Drawbar support: straight, mechanic
Front barrier separating loading space
Hydraulically extendable rear frame with side posts
Hydraulically controlled drawbar with fixed towing eye 40 mm, DIN11026
Drawbar blockade for driving straight
Crane with telescopic support legs and rotary grapple.
Power supply from tractor’s hydraulic distributor
Hydraulic distributor operated by strings from the tractor
Braking system: double line pneumatic
Wheel chocks + racks (2pcs)
Chemically hardened two-component painting materials , UV-resistant.
Frame painting colour: green RAL 6010 PRONAR
Crane painting colour: red RAL 3000 PRONAR
Front barrier and side posts painting colour: black RAL 9005

Drawbar towing hitch: rotary with towing eye Ø50
Drawbar towing hitch: fixed, ball -type K80
Independent hydraulic system with oil tank, a pump, transmission and PTO shaft 1 3/8” Z6 and articulated telescopic shaft
PTO shaft – standard 6×6
PTO shaft – standard 21×6
Two additional posts on the rear sliding frame.
Braking system: single line pneumatic.
Braking system: hydraulic.
Wheels 400/60-15,5 156A8 Flot
Paintwork RAL CLASSIC for industrial uses
Warning triangle

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