Quality and environment

“We are step ahead of the others …”

From the beginning, the owners knew what has to distringuish PRONAR from the competitors. They focused on a solid construction, safety and quality – which guarantee 100% customer satisfaction.

The Quality Management System is a comprehensive thinking about quality, it is Pronar that:

  • creates quality,
  •  implements quality,
  • produces quality,
  • checks quality,
  • manages quality
  • shares with quality.

Thanks to this, for several decades of our activity our products have gained recognition at the local, national and global markets.

In response to global market requirements, Pronar, in addition to ISO 9001, has implemented one Integrated Management System:
• ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System)
• AQAP 2110 (NATO requirements for quality assurance in development and production design)

Implementation of technologically advanced products has forced the need to use the latest production technology and optimization of all production processes, for which control is in the first place and at the highest level. As a consequence, Pronar may boast of a modern equipment and measuring machines, that are unique in the country and Europe scale.

The experience and vast knowledge in the area of testing of machines gave rise to the idea to open our own Research and Development Center.


For the benefit of our client, all the products manufactured by the company are characterized not only by functionality, reliability, durability and compatibility with standards governing the market, but above all, by high quality.

To meet ever growing expectations of clients and adapt our offer to such a wide range of target customers, while ensuring the highest quality of the manufactured machines in the same time, we had to introduce a number of measures.

Monitoring begins at the design stage of product, where are performed tough and performance tests.

Quality control is performed at every stage of the supply of raw materials and components:


through the entire production process,


final inspection (diagnosis)


until the final delivery to the customer.

The main objective of this measure is a guarantee of quality, making Pronar always one step ahead of the competitors.