Quality control

Requirements Pronar’s customers are high. To be sure that delivered product is 100 percent reliable, Pronar create unique in the European scale diagnostic and research stand hydraulic cylinders. Stand allows full range test hydraulic cylinders, plunge cylinders, single and double acting telescopic cylinders within technical documentation PN – 72/M – 7302; PN – 83/M – 73005 and WT – 01 – CH/04; WT – 02 – SH/02.
Stand allow:

  • hydraulic cylinders internal leak test
  • hydraulic cylinders external leak test
  • determine starting pressure hydraulic cylinder
  • check pushing and pulling nominal force
  • check braking in external position

Hydraulic cylinders are simulate in different temperatures. It is very important aspect connected with various market. Equally impressive is the range overall dimensions tested actuators. PRONAR can test hydraulic cylinders until 12m after rod eject.


Pneumatic and Hydraulic Division produce is not only hydraulic cylinder. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Division also produce hydraulic systems elements. Increase assortment and improving quality of products causes development diagnostic and research part of Pronar. Pneumatic and Hydraulic Division proceed to the unique project in European scale, dynamic test stand hydraulic wires and connectors. It allows to conduct test within actually norm EN ISO 6803, EN ISO 6802, EN ISO 8032. All necessary wires tests are doing before assembly in final products. Wires work in low temperatures is very important aspect connected with high quality final products.