Tests of hydraulic hoses

The test stand makes it possible to test hydraulic hoses and connectors in operating conditions
(working conditions) without the necessity of mounting them on the machine. The impulse testing
machine is used mainly for performing high-pressure static and dynamic tests, optimizing design
solutions, improving the manufacturing process and controlling the quality and strength of
hydraulic connectors and hoses.
Equipment and parameters:
• minimum test pressure: 250 bar
• maximum test pressure: 1000 bar
• test oil temperature: 85-150 °C
• test frequency up to 1.5 Hz
• number of tested conduits: – min. 2, max. 6
• test angle: 90°-180°
• high-pressure static/dynamic tests of hydraulic hoses and connectors
• optimization of design solutions and manufacturing technology
• control of quality and strength of new solutions
• tests according to the following standards: ISO 6802 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies
with wire reinforcements — Hydraulic impulse test with Fleming; ISO 6803 Rubber or plastics hoses and hose assemblies — Hydraulic–pressure impulse test without Fleming; ISO 8032 Rubber and plastics hose assemblies — Flexing combined with hydraulic impulse test (half–omega test)