Tests of hydraulic cylinders

The test stand makes it possible to perform tests of single-acting and double-acting
hydraulic cylinders in laboratory conditions. These cylinders are components of such
machines as disc mower, round baler, loader, trailer, snowplough, trommel screen. The
cylinders can be also tested for buckling at this test stand.
Equipment and parameters:
• working space sufficient for testing cylinders with overall dimensions of 600 x 600 mm
• length of working space without elements fixing cylinders during tests: 9500 mm, maximum test
pressure: 540 bar
• delivery rate of hydraulic power unit: 240 dm3/min for pressure of 250 bar and 3.5 dm3/min for pressure
of 500 bar
• stationary test stand with its own hydraulic power system, control system and test results recording
• external tightness test
• internal tightness test
• braking in extreme position test
• cylinder sensitivity threshold test
• checking nominal useful power
• checking oil cleanliness