Tests of hydraulic motors, pumps and distributors

The test stand makes it possible to perform laboratory tests of single-acting and
double-acting hydraulic cylinders used in machines. The cylinders can be also tested
for buckling at this test stand.

Equipment and parameters:
• maximum power of tested elements: 200 kW
• maximum test pressure: 500 bar (static overload tests); 350 bar (dynamic large flows)
• maximum flow: 500 l/min
• oil cleanliness class – tests according to ISO 4406; NAS1638
• universal attachments and couplings make it possible to connect and test power hydraulics components
• computerized recording of test results
• pressure measurement
• flow measurement
• temperature measurement
• rpm measurement
• measurement and adjustment of parameters of pumps, motors and hydraulic valves
• measurement of oil cleanliness class
• measurement of percentage of water in oil