Disc mower PRONAR PDD1050

The PRONAR PDD1050 disc mower, thanks to its large working width (up to 10.5 m), should meet the expectations of farmers focused on maximum mowing efficiency. The machine, mounted at the rear of the tractor, achieves the greatest efficiency in cooperation with a front mower with a working width of at least 3.4 m, which of course does not exclude the possibility of cooperation with smaller-sized machines. For example, the mower can be hydraulically moved to a working width of 9.7 m and then combined with a front mower with a working width of 3 m. The tractor’s power requirement in the optimal set is 200 HP.

  1. 1
    Comfortable control
    The mower is controlled using a readable panel, which is best placed in the tractor cabin for the operator’s convenience.
  2. 2
    Hydraulic relief
    Faster, more comfortable and more precise setting of the load relief level, reducing mowing resistance and, consequently, also the load on the tractor and turf.
  3. 3
    Self-produced bars
    As in other mower models, internally produced cutting bars are used, thanks to which there is no problem with the availability of spare parts during the season.

Overall width in working position 11000* mm
Overall height in working position 1700* mm
Width in transport position 3000 mm
Height in transport position (side guards folded, ground clearance 220 mm) 4000 mm
Ground clearance in transport position 220 mm
Cutting width 9700 – 10500** mm
Swath width min / max 2 x (1300 /1600) mm
Efficiency 9,7 – 10,5 ha/h
Gross Weight 2900 kg
Minimum tractor power requirement 147 / 200 kW/KM
PTO speed 1000 obr/min
Suspension system III kat. ISO 730-1  
Number of discs 2 x 9 Units
Number of cutting knives






Type of cutting knives curved  
Dimensions of the cutting knives 120x49x4 Ø21 Mm
Disc rotational speed 3000 rot/min
Copying the terrain + 10

– 7

Transport positions

– vertically from the sides of the tractor


Hydraulically adjustable

Electrical system voltage 12 V
Hydraulic outlets required 1 single-acting section + free flow


1 double-acting section



*  set to maximum cutting width

** depending on the combined front mower (2.6 to 3.4 m) and the set value of overlapping mowing areas

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