Disc mower PRONAR PDF301

Disc mower PRONAR PDF301 is a front disc mower which is mounted on the tractor’s three-point linkage. The mower requires PTO at the front of the tractor and one hydraulic section. Disc mower PRONAR PDF301 was designed primarily for working on heavy, uneven terrain. Its main element is the proven and reliable PRONAR cutting bar, guaranteeing high quality of mowing. The robust construction of the machine is based on modern materials and latest production technologies. In combination with a large ground following ability, the PDF301C can handle work in all conditions, while maintaining an excellent cut quality. Mower’s mowing performance, at a speed of 10km / h, is 3 ha / h. To operate disc mower PRONAR PDF 301, only a 60 hp tractor is needed

Disc mower PRONAR PDF301 – main features:

  1. Wide range of ground following ability
    Disc mower PRONAR PDF301The wide range of ground copying of disc mower PDF301 is one of its biggest advantages – it is 700 mm (450 mm / 14 ° up, 250 mm / 10 ° down) and the cross-copying range is 24 °. This ensures perfect adhesion of the cutter bar to the ground at a constant angle (regardless of field conditions) and clean and aesthetic cut.
  2. Flotation springs
    Two strong flotation springs regulate the pressure of the cutting and loosening unit on the ground.
  3. Mower’s suspension in a trailed system
    NOn the mower’s suspension the cutting and loosening unit is mounted in a trailed system, thanks to which the PDF301 – when encountering an obstacle (e.g. stone) – can freely defeat it.
  4. A powerful and reliable drive with shafts and gears
    The drive disk provides easy access to the drive connector without removing the slat from the mower’s frame.
  5. PRONAR cutting bar
    PRONAR cutting bar is a high-strength cutting bar with an additional stiffening profile enclosed in the body of the slat. It is equipped with discs of innovative shape, what provides lower cutting resistance and lower power demand per unit of cutting width. The enlarged, high-quality gears used in the slat have low noise emissions, thanks to which the mower works quietly. Such option significantly influences the comfort of work.
  6. Replaceable additional protective skids
    Additional protective skids, made of hardened, abrasion resistant steel, are mounted as standard. Thanks to them, the cutting bar is additionally protected against mechanical damage. The operator can easily replace them after use.
  7. Quick replacement of knives
    Operating the mower is facilitated by the system of quick replacement of knives. The operator can replace worn knives at any time, without having to unscrew the cutter bar, thanks to a special tool, made of durable steel, making it easier to change them. In addition, the standard equipment of the mower is an additional set of knives.
  8. Foldable side cover
    Thanks to folding side covers, the width of the mower in the transport position does not exceed 3 meters.
    Disc mower PRONAR PDF301
  9. A swath scraper
    The swath width adjustment range is from 1.03 to 1.08 and it is carried out by two scrapers.
  10. Raised side aprons
    Aprons ensure safety during work, and an easy way of lifting them. This allows the operator a quick replacement of knives, control of the technical condition of the machine or supplementation of operating fluids without the need of disassembling it.

Technical specification of standard equipment
Total width in working position 3570 mm
Height in working position 1300 mm
Lenght in working positiony 1940 mm
Width in transport position ( raised side protections) min/max 2980 mm
Working width 3000
Swath width min/max 1030/1830 mm
Tare weight 970 kg
Min. power requirement 44/60 kW/HP
Efficiency ( for recommended working width) 3 ha/h
PTO speed 1000 rpm/min
Suspension Front linkage cat. II acc. to ISO 730-1
Number of disc 7
Number of knives (item) 14
left 8
right 6
Type of cuting knives twisted
Knives dimensions 120x49x4 Ø21
Rotationspeed of discs 3000 rpm/min
Ground following ability
up +14 (450)
down 10 (250)
transverse +/- 24
Transport position – horizontally at the front of the tractor Raised on mowers cylinder and linkage
Required hydraulic output Hydraulic connection at the front of the tractor
Swath conditioner drive
PTO shaft Standard
Additional set of knifes Standard
Spray RAL 6010  400 ml Standard

PRONAR PDF301 standard equipment:

  • Additional protective skids made of hardened, abrasion resistant steel
    • Drive shaft with 900 Nm clutch
    • PTO shaft profile 1 3 / 8’z6
    • Flotation chains
    • Double swath scrapers
    • Triangle hitching system to fit tractor’s three-point linkage
    • Lifted front apron
    • Side cover folded up
    • An additional set of knives
    • A special tool, made of durable steel, facilitating the replacement of knives,

PRONAR PDF301 optional equipment:

  • Tube for documents
  • PTO shaft for left PTO rotation
  • Download PDF FileOperating instructions