Disc mower PRONAR PDD830C

PRONAR PDD830C is a double-sided disc mower with swath conditioner is an excellent choice for farmers with larger areas of grassland. It is also an alternative to expensive self-propelled mowers. In this mower a swath conditioner was used where intensity of swath conditioning can be adjusted by shifting the lever located on the conditioner housing. There are swath conditioner fingers, with double shock absorption. The double-sided mower PDD830C consists of two 3 meter wide rear mounted disc mowers ( left one and right one) assembled on the frame. The mower has all kinetic and feasible features of the PDT300C rear mounted mower (except the number of transport positions). PDD830C is designed to interact with a front mounted mower of min 3 m working width. Swath width of such a set is 8,3 m. PDD830C double-sided disc mower can be transported only in one transport position i.e. when raised and folded at the side of the tractor. In case of collision, the cutting unit protects hydraulic cutting unit by rising and tilting backwards.

  1. 1
    Quick replacement of blades at the front and at the back of the cutter bar shortens the time of the operational service.
  2. 2
    During a sudden collision hydraulic cutting unit is protected by rising cutter bar and tilting it backwards.
  3. 3
    Low power consumption, large cutting width, rotational speed is 1000 rmp.
  4. 4
    Evenly cutting over the entire cutting width.
Total width in working position 8880 mm
Total height in working position 1310 mm
Width in transport position 2600 mm
Height in transport position 3950 mm
Clerance from the ground in transport position 200 mm
Working width 8300*(2×3000) mm
Swath width min/max 2x(1500/2300) mm
Overlapping areas of moving 350* m,m
Efficiency 8* mm
Tare weight 1890 kg
Min. Power requirement 110/150* kW/HP
PTO speed 1 000 rpm
Suspension Cat. II and III acc. ISO 730-1
Number of discs 2×7
Number of cutting knives 28
Left 16
Right 12
Type of cutting knives twisted
Knives dimensions 120x49x4 Ø21
Rotation speed of discs 3000
Ground following ability
Up +11
Down -16
Transport position – vertically at the sides of the tractor Hydraulic settings
Required hydraulilc output One double-acting section and one double-acting section with floating position
PTO shaft Standard
Additional set of knifes Standard
Spray RAL 6010  400 ml Standard
* for set with a front mounted disc mower of min. 3 m working width
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