Mulching mower PRONAR KPR500

The KPR500 mulching mower has been designed to meet the expectations of users looking for effective and multi-purpose machines for working on large areas. The machine with a 5-meter working width is perfect for mowing and mulching grass, weeds, reeds, stubble and bushes. The large angle of deflection of the wings in relation to the main deck (25° downwards and upwards) ensures optimal ground surface tracking. The six-wheel running gear with wide tires allows for smooth operation also in marshy and wet terrain without leaving deep ruts. Adjustment of mowing height is easy – you only need to change the number of adjustment plates.

  1. 1
    Reliable mowing
    Three mowing heads ensure effective mowing with a width of over 5 m. Each of the heads has three solid knives to ensure reliable mowing and mulching.
  2. 2
    Resistant to damage
    The mower’s structure in the mulching zone, the wings and the main deck are reinforced with impact and abrasion resistant metal plates.
  3. 3
    Convenient transport
    Wheels with shock absorption system. The mower can be optionally equipped with a hydraulic shock absorption system to ensure convenient and quick road transport of the machine.

Working width 5200 mm
Width in transport position (depends on the settings) below 3000 mm
Height in working position: 2500 mm
Length in transport position 5700 mm
Working width 5000 mm
Overlapping knives 125 mm
Cutting height range 25 – 400 mm
Empty weight 2800 kg
Drawbar hitch load 1050 kg
Minimal tractor power requirement 88/120* kW/HP
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Drawbar hitch  field Ø40
Number of cutting heads 3 pcs
Number of knives on the cutting head 3 pcs
Rotational speed of heads 1000 rpm
Transport position Pulled on the hook, folded wings, secured with a blockade, suspension system raised maximally up.
Numbers of wheels 6 pcs
Tyres 10.0/75-15.3 10PR
Required hydraulic outputs of the tractor One single acting section and one single acting section with float position.
*the power demand depends very much on the working conditions and the properties of the material being shredded

Additional equipment:

Drawbar rotary Ø50
Cushioned suspension
Drawbar to connect with the upper hitch of the tractor
Ground following wheels in front of the side wings
Cutting heads with 6 knives

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