Disc mower PRONAR PDD1050C

<strong>Disc mower PDD1050C</strong>thanks to the large working width (up to 10.5 m), the PDD1050 disc mower should meet the expectations of farmers who are looking for maximum mowing efficiency. The Pronar PDD1050C version of the mower, in turn, has a swath conditioner with four-level swath conditioning intensity adjustment, with spirally set and free-fixed steel tines with shock absorption. These rear-mounted mowers achieve the greatest efficiency when cooperating with a front-mounted mower with a working width of at least 3.4 m, but they can as well cooperate with smaller front-mounted mowers. The mower’s working width can, for instance, be hydraulically adjusted to 9.7 m and a front-mounted mower with a working width of 2.6 m can be hitched. Tractor power demand in the best possible mower configuration is 250 HP.

  1. 1
    The mower is controlled using a transparent operating panel, preferably placed in the tractor cab for the maximum convenience of the operator.
  2. 2
    The system enables faster, more comfortable and more precise adjustment of the relief level, reducing mowing resistance and tractor load.
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    Just like in other models, the mower uses dedicated in-house cutting blades with a multi-level anti-collision system.
Total width in working setting 11000* mm
Total height in working setting 1700* mm
Width in transport setting 3000 mm
Height in the transport position (side guards folded, 220-mm clearance) 4000 mm
Clearance from the ground in transport position 220 mm
Cutting width 9700 – 10500** mm
Swath width min / max 2 x (1450 / 2200) mm
Capacity 9,7 – 10,5 ha/h
Tare weight 3420 kg
Minimum tractor power demand 184 / 250 kW / HP
PTO speed 1000 rpm
Linkage Category III according to ISO 730-1  
Number of discs 2 x 9 pcs.
Number of cutting blades






Type of cutting blades folded back  
Dimensions of cutting blades 120x49x4 Ø21 mm
Rotation speed of discs 3000 rpm
Surface tracking + 10

– 7

Transport positions

–        vertically at the sides of the tractor


Hydraulically adjustable

Electrical system voltage 12 V
The required tractor hydraulic outlets 1 single-acting section + slow runoff


1 double-acting section


* with the maximum cutting width setting

** depending on the attached front mower (2.6 to 3.4 m) and mowing overlap setting