X-ray tests

BOSELLO SRE MAX radioscopic chamber uses the non-destructive testing (NDT)
technology that makes it possible to perform volumetric tests with imaging (in real time)
in digital form. The use of an x-ray system without photographic film ensures instant
image preview, elimination of the costs of photographic materials, easy archiving and
exchange of data. The image processing system of the device includes defect indication
features and the procedures that help the operator to collate the test results.
Components with variable thickness and shapes are perfect subjects for radiographic
tests because radiographic tests make it possible to examine critical defect zones in
order to detect air bubbles, embedded impurities, cracks or distortions. The RT technique
makes it possible to inspect the product nearly completely and record any registered
Equipment and parameters:
• the device can accommodate and analyse parts with maximum dimensions of 700 x 1200 mm and
weight up to 80 kg
• X-ray system: 225 kV HP 1600 W
• Amorphous Silicone Image Detector (a-Si) model XRD 0822 – flat panel
• image processor: model BHT PLUS
• Radiographic test makes it possible to inspect:
– castings
– forgings
– sheet metal
– ceramic elements
– composites
– welds
– welded joints
– cracks, impurities, porosity and pipe corrosion
– grinder discs
– machine components
– wood structure