Tests of paint coatings

The tests performed at the test stand make it possible to check the correctness of
protective-decorative coatings, evaluate new coating systems and check quality of
paint products.
Equipment and parameters:
• the set of measuring devices enables us to carry out comprehensive examination of all properties of organic, metallic, anodic, oxide and conversion coatings. Quality of supplied paints and quality of paint shop work can be also checked.
• determination of paint density using pyknometer method according to PN-EN ISO 2811–1
• determination of resistance of coatings to immersion in liquids according to PN-EN ISO 2812–1 standard
• determination of resistance of coatings to immersion in water according to PN-EN ISO 2812–2 standard
• determination of coating gloss according to PN-EN ISO 2813 standard
• determination of non-volatile-matter content in paint according to PN-EN ISO 3251 standard
• evaluation of degradation of coatings according to PN-EN ISO 4628–1,2,3,4,5 and PN-EN
ISO 4628–8 standards
• evaluation of resistance to cracking on a conical mandrel according to PN-EN ISO 6860 standard
• determination of coating hardness by pencil test according to PN-EN ISO 15184 standard
• test of resistance of organic coatings to the effects of rapid deformation according to ASTM D2794–93 standard
• cross-cut test of coating adhesion according to PN-EN ISO 2409–06 standard
• determination of paint viscosity by Ford viscosity cup test according to PN-EN ISO 2431
• determination of coating thickness according to PN-EN ISO 2808 standard