Salt spray chamber

The salt spray chamber enables us to estimate corrosion resistance of metal materials with or
without permanent or temporary protection against corrosion. The salt spray tests
are particularly useful for detecting discontinuities such as pores and other defects in
certain metallic, organic, anode, oxide and conversion coatings.
Equipment and parameters:
• dimensions of the salt spray chamber: 1620 x 1450 x 720 mm
• chamber capacity: 446 l
• brine tank: 110 l
• temperature range: from ambient temperature to 50 °C
• recorded parameters: temperature and operation time display
• software: microprocessor temperature control system, indirect temperature control by heating the
water bath at the chamber bottom (electronic controller with 0.10 s reading, temperature stability
over time 1.0 °C)
• tests in neutral salt spray (NSS) according to PN-EN ISO 9227 standard
• tests in constant condensation-water atmospheres according to PN-EN ISO 6270–2 standard