Static tests of protection structures, hitches and protection devices

The test stand makes it possible to perform static strength tests of protection structures
such as hitches, drawbars and hitch pins without the necessity of hitching to the towed
vehicle. The strength of such machine components as lateral protection devices and
rear protection devices of trailers can be also tested at this test stand.
Equipment and parameters:
• forward and upward load (angle of 45o) with the maximum force of 6800 N
• backward and upward load (angle of 45o) with the maximum force of 3400 N
• possibility of testing the protection structures for vehicles with the maximum weight of 18000 kg
• maximum rear load energy: 25.2 kJ
• maximum lateral load energy: 31.5 kN
• maximum vertical crushing force: 360 kN
• possibility of recording the parameters: force-deformation diagram
• deformation speed as force is applied: up to 5 mm/s, recording every 1 mm
• approval tests of safety belt anchorages according to Directive 76/115/EEC, Code 4 OECD
• tests of rollover protective structures (ROPS) according to Directive 2009/75/EC and OECD
• tests of coupling devices of motor vehicles according to Directive 94/20/EC (tests of drawbars), ball
hitches, transport hitches, agricultural hitches, hitch pins
• strength tests of other machine structural elements
• tests of rear protection devices and lateral protection devices according to UNECE (ECE R58, ECE R73)