Dynamic strength tests

The tests performed at this test stand enable us to verify practically the fatigue strength of
designed parts which are crucial for the machine structure. The tests make it possible to optimize
the products in respect of the type and amount of material and the design shapes. The test stand
will enable us to perform, in particular, the tests aimed at reduction of weight of critical assemblies
in machines for harvesting green fodder on wetlands, such as loader boom, trailer frame, mower
body. The periodic tests will increase the reliability of products, whereas the tests performed at the
prototyping stage will minimize the risk of repeating tests required by the applicable regulations.
Equipment and parameters:
• dimensions of the mounting plate of the test stand: 8300 x 2300 mm
• the test stand may be operated by 4 independent Instron PL160N-type cylinders
• the test stand offers the possibility of suspending the cylinder in vertical position
• the cylinders are controlled by Instron Labtronic 8800 ml controller connected with computer
• maximum range of horizontal force of the cylinders without preload: 160 kN
• maximum ranges of vertical force: 90 kN
• nominal stroke of the cylinders: 250 mm
• signal shape (sinusoidal, square)
• tests of coupling devices of motor vehicles according to Directive 94/20/EC
• tests of drawbars, ball hitches, transport hitches, agricultural hitches, drawbar eyes, hitch pins, etc.
• fatigue tests of other structural elements