Electromagnetic compatibility tests (EMC)

The electromagnetic compatibility tests performed at the stand are a part of the
process of assessment of compliance of products marketed in all EU countries with the
requirements specified by the EU EMC Directive. The Directive specifies the guidelines
that must be met by the design of equipment, device, electrical and electronic circuits
so that their operation does not generate electromagnetic interferences that could
affect the operation of radio, telecommunication or similar equipment.
The portable stand consists of two sets of equipment for performing electromagnetic
compatibility tests. The test stand also makes it possible to perform other tests of
vehicles and devices in the frequency ranges specified below.

  1. Set of measuring devices for measurements of radiated disturbance emission

    The test stand makes it possible to measure radiated disturbance emission within the range of 30 MHz –
    3 GHz according to the guidelines included in Directive 2009/64/EC of 13 July 2009 on the suppression of radio interference produced by agricultural or forestry tractors (electromagnetic compatibility) and other devices.
    Equipment and parameters:
    • measuring receiver
    • measuring antenna
    • set of probes for near-field measurements
    • antenna mast
    • specialized measuring software ensuring automatic measurement


  2. Set of measuring devices for testing the resistance to electromagnetic interference

    The test stand for testing the resistance to electromagnetic interference within the band from 10 kHz to
    at least 1 GHz with the output power levels according to applicable standards and Directive 2009/64/EC
    for 48 mA within the range of 20 MHz – 1000 MHz and Directive 2004/104/EC for 60 mA within the range of 1 MHz – 400 MHz. The computer controlled test stand makes it possible to perform tests directly on tested object
    and in laboratory using the current clamp method (bulk current injection – BCI ) testing method.
    Equipment and parameters:
    • current injection clamps, calibration holder for current injection clamps, current measuring clamps,
    artificial nets and decoupling clamps, attenuators and loads 50 Ω
    • concentric cables
    • accredited calibration certificates