Wheel deformation and run-out testing

The station makes it possible to test, and consequently optimize, the welding process for welding stress and strain, and thus reducing run-out particularly for wheels with reinforced flange and wheels up to a speed of 80km/h and wheels bolted with a variable offset ring. This is of particular importance in the manufacturing of large-diameter wheels and those with higher speed rating.

  1. The station for testing the impact of welding stress and strain on the occurrence of radial and axial run-out in a wheel


    • range of welded wheels:

    – diameter from 22,5’’ do 56’’,
    – width from 8’’ do 36’’.

    • weld size and run-out measurement in real time,,
    • numerical control..


    Intended use:

    • testing the impact of weld size and welding parameters on the occurrence of thermal distortion resulting in wheel run-out,
    • selection of optimal welding parameters and the shape and size of weld during circumferential welding of wheels with continuous or intermittent weld when welding the disc to the rim,
    • testing deformations of the wheel and run-out during welding processes