Vehicle stability tests

The test stand makes it possible to verify theoretical assumptions and calculations
regarding minimum stability of machines, extend the scope of use of machines in areas
with greater ground inclination and determine the actual safety factor of stability angles.
Equipment and parameters:
• maximum weight of tested vehicles: 40 000 kg
• maximum height of tested vehicles: up to 6000 m
• maximum width of tested vehicles: 3000 mm
• maximum length: 16 000 mm
• the test stand consists of a tilting platform, frame, 1-side platform tilting system, bottom frame with
tilting cylinder, hydraulic tilting system, fixing equipment, protective equipment, lighting system,
parameter recorders (angle, force), light and audio warning system
• possibility of one-side tilting by the maximum angle of 36°
• transverse stability tests of agricultural trailers, truck trailers, tank trucks, agricultural tractors, vehicle combinations (e.g. tractor with machine/trailer), self-propelled agricultural machines, special vehicles, military vehicles