Tests of noise emitted by machines

The test stand makes it possible to measure acoustic power and noise emitted by
mechanically driven machines in real conditions using media emitting noise at the
level higher than the background noise level. Newly developed machines are often
operated in legally protected natural areas where noise emissions should be as low as
possible. The test stand also makes it possible to measure noise emitted by machines
and acoustic pressure level according to PN-EN ISO 11201 standard.
Equipment and parameters:
• power source – PTO shaft 540 and 1000 rpm, clockwise and counterclockwise rotation – according to
ISO 500, hydraulic drive
• hydraulic power supply: output 20 – 200 l/min, adjustable, pressure from 160 to 300 bar
• max. background noise: 70 dB
• universal and special couplings for tested machines
• minimum number of measuring points (microphone): 10
• measuring range: from 24 dB(A) to 140 dB(A)
• measurement of sound pressure level at operator position according to PN-EN ISO 11201 standard
• measurement of acoustic power level: PN-EN ISO 3744
• agricultural machinery noise testing: annex B to PN-EN ISO 4254–1 standard