Tests of falling object protective structures (FOPS)

The test stand makes it possible to perform dynamic tests of protective structures
(FOPS). The tests of this type can be applied to, for example, forestry tractors,
construction machinery, forklift trucks.
Equipment and parameters:
• resistance tests according to level I can be performed (small items, e.g. bricks; energy: 1365 J): 45 kg ball
with a diameter not exceeding 250 mm, dropped from a height of approx. 3 m
• level II tests can be performed (large objects, e.g. trees; energy: 11600 J): a test weight, e.g. 227 kg
weight, dropped from the height of 5 m
• violation of protection zone, resistance to impact loads, permanent structure deformation can be
• the test stand is equipped with the devices for lifting a weight/ball to a desired height, devices for
releasing the weight to ensure its free fall, devices indicating violation of the protective space – two
options: DLV mock-up or dynamic registration system