The ZM-H22 bucket sweeper from Pronar Municipal Machinery is a simple and efficient solution for dirt, sand, debris and snow sweeping of areas like: harbours, sawmills, asphalt construction sites or all kinds of industrial sites.

The operator is able to sweep while driving forwards as well as driving backwards. The sweeper features: brush speed regulation, a metal dirt container equipped in a replaceable wear-resistant steel blade, as well as a floating adaptor placed at the rear of the dirt bucket. The Bucket itself works like a shovel and can be easily hydraulically emptied.

Weight of the standard version 910 [kg]
Geometric container capacity 1300 [l]
Attachment to the carrier Euro front attachment with floating position
Water tank capacity 320 [dm3]
Hydraulic oil demand 45÷70 [l/min]
Hydraulic oil pressure 160÷210 [bar]
Recommended operating speed do 6 [km/h]
Maximum transport speed 25 [km/h]
Sweeping width 2200 [mm]
Sweeping roller diameter 900 [mm]

– Water sprinkler system including tank
– 12V / 24V power supply
– Clearance lights (12V / 24V)
– Support wheel or support rollers