Sweeper PRONAR ZMC 2.0

Trailed vacuum sweeper PRONAR ZMC 2.0 is designer to work with 60 HP tractors equipped with PTO at 1000 rpm. It has been designed to perfectly clean roads, large warehouses and large paved surfaces – asphalt, concrete, paving stones. Sweeping system consists of two disc brushes driven by hydraulic engines directing any dirt to the centre of the machine where the vacuum suction system brings it to the 2,1m³ capacity waste container located in the rear of the sweeper. Sprinkler system consisting of pump, water tank (240 l capacity) and nozzles can effectively prevent emission of dust during operation. Open, close, lifting, and lowering the waste container is being done by the operator using joystick. Hydraulically turned drawbar allows proper leading along the curbs.

  1. 1
    Sweeper operating through portable control panel from the carrier’s cabin.
  2. 2
    Suitable for tractors from 60HP equipped with PTO at 1000 rpm.
  3. 3
    Possibility of emptying waste container directly to a trailer.
  4. 4
    Hydraulically turned drawbar allows proper leading along the curbs.
  5. 5
    Own sprinkler system allows for longer operation without water refilling.
Capacity 13800  m2/h
Weight 2300  kg
Power requirement 60  HP
Mounting Top transportation hitch
Working width 2000/2300  mm
Control system power supply 12 V from 3-pin socket
Lighting system power supply 12 V from 7-pole socket
Hydraulic power supply of the drawbar turning system 16-20  MPa
Hydraulic and sprinklers drive system PTO n=1000 rpm
Working speed 6  km/h
Max. transport speed 25  km/h
Dirt container capacity 2,1  m3
Water container capacity 240  dm3
Oil tank capacity 40  dm3
Width 2175  mm
Lenght 3510  mm
Height 2230/ 2365/ 2580  mm
Emptying height 1660  mm
Height withlifted container 3770  mm
Tires 215/75R17,5
Double line pneumatic brake system Standard

Additional equipment:
Side device for collecting leafs
Additional water container (200 dm3)
Single line pneumatic brake system
Hydraulic brake system
Chute (Emptying height 1560)

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