Sweeper PRONAR ZMC 3.1

The SWEEPER PRONAR ZMC 3.1 is an elevator sweeper with mechanical derbis transport system. Sweeper is based on a system of two rotary disc brushes and a cylindrical brush sweeps the debris onto a scraper conveyor belt.
Differences in the construction of the sweeper compared to the ZMC 3.0 sweeper
• Tiltable water tanks
• Roller brush made from segment disc
• Hydraulically retractable disc brushes for transport
• Hydraulics with two hydraulic pumps and oil cooler
• Control panel with color display
• Sprinkler pressure adjustment from the operator panel
• 150 bar pressure washer with reel and lance
• Openable rear cover
• Rear overrun beam

  1. 1
    Thanks to the easy-to-use panel, the operator can quickly set the required parameters
  2. 2
    High work efficiency (approx. 54,000 m2/ h)
  3. 3
    Side discharge facilitating the work of the operator – extremely useful when unloading dirt onto a trailer or into a container
  4. 4
    Low operating costs
  5. 5
    Possibility of aggregation with all tractors available on the market – equipped with a lower transport hitch of a fork type, pitonfix or a hook with a minimum vertical load capacity of 1700 kg and a PTO speed of 540 rpm

Weight 3300 kg
Max. working width 2,4 – 2,7 m
Power supply Hydraulic pumps with a multiplier mounted on the sweeper drawbar. Driven by an articulated telescopic shaft.
PTO 540 rpm
Working speed 0 – 20 kph
Water tank capacity 1120 dm3
Dust container capacity 3 m3
Electric power supply 12 V
Container emptying height 2200 mm
Wheels 235/75R17,5

• Torsion drawbar lower drawbar – optional upper drawbar
• Vibrator – for easy emptying of the dirt tank
• Work lighting – disc brushes work zones
• Hydraulic left brush tilt – tilt control from the cabin
• Additional warning lamps – mounted on the top cowl
• Set of chocks – 2 wheel chocks with brackets
• Articulated telescopic shaft
• Right side brush
• Increasing the sweeping width; reach: 700 mm beyond the outline of the machine
• Extension of chute by 200mm
• High pressure washer – water pressure up to 150 bar
• Adjusting the spray pressure – setting the spray pressure from the operator panel
• Galvanized frame – painted in standard version
• Different colors – after agreeing with the client
• Spraying beam mounted on the front axle of the tractor
• Additional water gauge mounted on the left side
• Central lubrication
• Step mounted on the left side
• Electric actuation of nozzles

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    • Download PDF FileOperator manual

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