Sweeper PRONAR ZM-P16

Sweeper PRONAR ZM-P16  is an excellent tool for both winter and summer maintenance of Road, plazas and avenues. An innovative designer has combined the ability to remove dust In the summer, and after using a special brush and attaching the additional sand spreader, to clean and to put a layer of sand and salt on walkways in cities. The ZM-P16 sweeper is designed to work with PTO drive (min. 15kW) or may be powered by hydraulics (min. 40l/min)

  1. 1
    Designed to operate both In winter and summer.
  2. 2
    All functions are operated via a panel in driver’s cab.
  3. 3
    May be mounted on both front and rear Tractor 3pt hitch.
  4. 4
    Made of high quality materials.
  5. 5
    One machine can do the work of two ( sweeper and spreader combinjed into 1 tool).


Mounting 3pt hitch cat I / II
Main brush drive hydraulic or PTO
Spreading module drive hydraulic from carrier
Working width (horizontal setting) 1600 mm
Working width (max. turn) 1400 mm
Spreading width 1000 mm
Recommended brush speed 150-350 rpm
Spreading efficiency 450-1800 kg/h
Working speed (seeping) <10 km/h
PTO speed requirement 540 rpm
Spreader load capacity 450 kg
Weight (sweeper only) 240 kg
Weight with spreading module 415 kg

Sprinkler system
PTO drive
Hydraulic turning
Without spreading module

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