Sweeper Pronar ZM-28H

The Pronar ZM-28H sweeper –  is used for cleaning the surface of roads, pavements and squares. It can be also used for technological cleaning of the substrate before laying the asphalt layer. The working element of this machine is a cylindrical brush with a horizontal axis of rotation, driven by a hydraulic motor built inside the shaft. The working width of the brush is 2.8 m. The working brush consists of rings applied to a metal shaft. As the brush is worn out, it is possible to lower it by adjusting the support wheels. The garbage or snow discharge is limited by a front cover with a stepweis adjustable height. Operating the machine from the desktop in the operator’s cab simplifies the work being done. Sweeper Pronar ZM-28H is a machine mounted on the front of the carrier (agricultural tractor, wheel loaders, specialized vehicles), equipped with a lifting device, e.g. 3-point hitch.

Sweeper Pronar ZM-28H – features:

The Pronar ZM-28H sweeper

  1. Brush
    The working brush consists of rings applied to a metal shaft. Depending on the needs, you can choose straight segments – layered with spacers or bent, which after folding they form a sweeping roller with structure of honeycomb. Brushes can be different materials. On request, polypropylene (PPN) with two hardness classes, metal wire and joining these two materials are available.
  2. Hydraulic engine driving the brush built into the shaft
    The hydraulic engine is placed inside the shaft, which prevents its damage when hit in obstacle and reduces the overall size of the machine.
  3. Cover
    It allows to reduce the throw of snow or pollution. In addition, the ejection can be limited by mounting a rubber apron.
  4. Cover adjustment
    The wide adjustment range of the cover allows it to be adapted to current needs and protection against ejected elements.
  5. Supporting wheels
    To extend the life of the brush, a smooth adjustment of the roller pressure to the ground was used. Screw elevators with self-aligning wheel sets are used for this purpose, which are at the same time supporting elements of the whole machine.
  6. Turning mechanism
    Turning mechanism
    Sweeper PRONAR ZM-28H can work in three working positions: perpendicular to the direction of travel and at an angle of 25º, which allows you to sweep impurities to the left or right side. The working width for the sweeping is around 2.6 m. The working position is changed manually by using a drop beam. Two hydraulic turning options are also available. The first – powered from a separate pair of quick couplers (option adapted to carriers with two pairs of external hydraulic connections); the second – a system integrated with the installation feeding the roller brush motor and controlled by a solenoid operated from the machine control panel. The use of one of these additional options allows for smooth adjustment of the angular position of the machine during sweeping.
  7. Suspension system
    The design of the ZM-28H suspension system allows you to perform up and down movements during operation and angular displacements in two planes, thanks to which the machine perfectly copies the terrain. At the same time, it eliminates the risk of damage to the sweeper when working on uneven ground. At the buyer’s request, the oscillating suspension system can be replaced with a rigid one. Then, the terrain copying function must be taken over by the carrier suspension system, e.g. the tractor’s three-point linkage.
  8. Clearance lights
    They improve the visibility of the machine while working on the road.
  9. Parking foot
    The machine stands steadily when it is removed from the carrier.
Mounting method Cat II three-point hitch – swing
Brush drive hydraulic engine
Working width (angle +25 or -25 deegres) 2600 mm
Max oil pressure 21 MPa
Electric power supply 12 V
Nominal oil pump capacity 25 – 55 l/min
Brush recommended speed 100-150 rpm
Brush max. speed 200 rpm
Brush diameter 650 mm
Brush turning ręczny +25° lub -25°
Recommended working speed 6 km/h
Efficiency for recommended working speed at 25 degrees turning angle 15600 m2/h
Weight 478 kg
Dimensions (length, width, height) 1360/2998/1180 mm
Rubber apron
Hydraulic adjustement of working angle (from an extra pair of quick couplers or from the same as a brush)
Side brush (soft / medium / hard)  construction (classic or “honeycomb”)
Hydraulic instalation for oil flow (from 55 to 140 l/min)
Rigid suspension system (depending on the carrier)
Without clearance lights

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