Sweeper PRONAR ZM-S25

Sweeper PRONAR ZM-S25 thanks to its large working width increases the functionality of the truck, particularly trucks working at road construction sites. By using the brush of polypropylene or polypropylene with steel wire, the device is ideal for cleaning the surface of the sand, snow, soil or residue after milling the road. It is driven by hydraulic motors, and raising and lowering is done by hydraulic cylinder, which ensures trouble-free operation. The functionality is also increased by working angle adjustment, carried out mechanically by means of the lock, which allows you to set the machine at an angle of 0 °, 15 ° and 30 °. Optionally angle setting operation can be carried out using a hydraulic cylinder in the range of 0 ° to 30 °, which increases comfort and precision of work. Keeping the brush in the ground is adjustable by support wheels which increases its durability. Thanks to mounting on DIN 76060 municipal plate type A or type B machine can work with most trucks.

  1. 1
    Operating by easy-to use control panel.
  2. 2
    Thanks to large working width (2,5m) and brush diameter (65 cm).
  3. 3
    Quick and easy coupling to DIN plate can be done by one operator.
  4. 4
    Equipped road and marker lights compliant with the traffic law.


Working width 2500  mm
Turning angle ±30  °
Mounting on a carrier  Type A DIN 76060 mounting plate
Brush drive Hydraulic
Two sockets of one section hydraulic divider standard
Max. working oil pressure 16  MPa
Brush recommended speed 160  rpm
Brushing max. speed 200  rpm
Recommended brush working speed 8  km/h
Efficiency for recommended speed 17240  m2/h
Electric power supply 24 or 12  V
Weight 420  kg

Additional equipment:
DIN-76060 type B mounting
CATerpillar 432E mounting
Version for MB UNIMOG
Sprinkler system (with out pump and water container)
Hydraulic turning system
PPN main brush

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