PRONAR square bale grapple

PRONAR square bale grapple  used to retrieve from the storage, loading on means of transport, handling from place to place cylindrical and rectangular bales of hay, straw and silage. Robust and carefully made construction feet ensures safe transportation of bales.

The bale is gripped by two gripper arms raised two hydraulic cylinders controlled by solenoid quick divider third section of the front loader.

  1. 1
    Construction of round bale grapple design protects against damage.
  2. 2
    has fastening system EURO or LC-1650 or Euro-SMS.
  3. 3
    can cooperate with other manufacturers Front loaders.
  4. 4
    Wide range of applications by working with different diameters of cylindrical bales.
  5. 5
    Guaranteed thanks to quality workmanship.
Maximum bale diameter 2,04 m
Minimum bale diameter 0,64 m
Width when opened 2,27 m
Minimum width 1,21 m
Height 0,51 m
Length 1,7 m
Nominal pressure 18,5 MPa
Weight 324 kg
Grabbing depth 1,06 m
Number of hydraulic cylinders 2
Mounting EURO / LC-1650 / SMS