PRONAR grapple buckets

PRONAR grapple buckets CHC15, CHC18 and CHC20 are equipped with an additional openwork construction which is opened and closed by two hydraulic cylinders. Optionally, the grapple buckets can be equipped with a mesh cover.

PRONAR grapple buckets are used to work with loading and unloading of various materials, handling from place to place and transport of them over short distances. They can be used for bulk (seeds, sand), loosely bound (manure, silage) and volume materials (sawdust, garbage, leaves, biomass).
PRONAR grapple buckets can be mounted on the front loaders equipped with EURO or SMS mounting system.

  1. 1
    Working by using the joystick mounted in the cab.
  2. 2
    Intended for transportation of various materials such as sand, silage, sawdust.
  3. 3
    Universal mounting system allows to aggregate the buckets with front loaders of different manufacturers.
  4. 4
    construction made of high quality materials.
  5. 5
    Using the mesh cover increased the closing tightness.
CHC15 / CHC15E CHC18 / CHC18E CHC20 / CHC20E
Capacity 0,69 0,82 0,91 m3
Width 1,54 1,84 2,01 m
Working width 1,5 1,8 2 m
Minimum height 0,94 0,94 0,94 m
Maximum height 1,55 1,55 1,55 m
Depth 0,98 0,98 0,98 m
Working depth 0,78 0,78 0,78 m
Maximum depth 1,22 1,22 1,22 m
Weight 350 394 421 kg
Mounting EURO / LC-1650

Additional equipment:

  • Protective net (for higher closing tightness)