PRONAR bucket COK20

PRONAR bucket COK20 is designed to retrieve from the storage, transport over short distances, loading on means of transport, handling from place to place root tubers. Multifunctional scoop loader is adapted LC3, LC4, LC 5 that work with tractors up to 180 hp.

PRONAR bucket COK20 is ideal for farms focused on the production of potatoes, sugar beets and other root crops. It is versatile – it can work with Front loaders other manufacturers.

  1. 1
    Has an openwork design allows sifting the earth.
  2. 2
    Inside buckets used to strengthen and protect the edges around the entire shovel, to prevent damage downloaded material.
  3. 3
    Rotatably mounted movable part of the spoon makes it possible to seamlessly wide open with two hydraulic cylinders.
  4. 4
    Has fastening system EURO.
  5. 5
    Protected against damage by the use of plow with resistant steel HARDOX.
Capacity 1,1 m3
Width 2,55 m
Working width 2,14 m
Height 0,85 m
Length 0,95 m
Working depth 0,86 m
Weight 1000 kg
Loading capacity 235 kg
Mounting EURO / SMS
Recommendation Loading, transshipment, transport over short distances
Contraindication Unsuitable for soil, gravel, digging, construction and levelling works