Fatigue tests of axles

The tests performed at this test stand enable us to practically verify the fatigue
strength of designed axles. This results in optimization of the axle with regard to
the type and quantity of material, shapes of multi-notch connections made by rolling
as well as making and analysing friction welding joints of different materials (steel
– cast iron, steel – aluminium). The test stand makes it possible to perform the
tests aimed at reducing axle weight and increasing strength of splined connections in
machines and mechanical equipment. Thanks to the test methodology (accelerated
tests), the test stand will considerably shorten the test time as compared to the
operational tests.
Equipment and parameters:
• programmable Instron PL160N-type hydraulic test stand
• two independent hydraulic cylinders
• maximum stroke of cylinder piston: 250 mm
• force measurement range by the measurement head on each cylinder: ±160 kN
• length of mounting plate: max. 5000 mm
• width of mounting plate: max. 5000 mm
• loads applied using control station connected to computer
• computer registration and visualization of forces and displacement
• axle fatigue strength tests
• splined connections strength tests
• checking the clearance of the expander lever and the expander axle connection
• axle rod fatigue strength tests
The test conditions might be changed on customer request.