At the beginning of February a three-day service training was held in Czech Republic. The training meeting was organized for new service people and also for those with whom we work for years in order to refresh and improve their skills in the knowledge of the operation and maintenance of Pronar brand machines.
The training was attended by more than 40 technicians of our dealer in Czech Republic and its subdealers. The scope of the training covered:

– presentation of the offer in terms of new product information

– proper assembly of optional equipment

– detailed discussion of the machines constructions and principles of their work

– procedure for the first activation of the machines

– detailed discussion of rules to regulate the parameters of machines

– discussion of fault diagnosis, description of common failure, methodological approach to deal effectively with accidents

– information about service and machine maintenance

– issues associated with the technical review and warranty

Technical innovations and the use of the most efficient production processes has been noticed and quite highly rated by our colleagues from south of the border. Representatives of the Pronar Service Department responded to a series of questions related among others with controls of our machines and the possibility of the use of our equipment in a given sector of the economy. Huge involvement in training, the desire to expand their knowledge on Pronar products and very difficult and detailed questions often asked from the audience prove a high level of maintenance services, which directly affects the strong PRONAR brand position on the Czech market.
After the training, all participants received PRONAR Certificates of course completion.