We are proud to announce, that the CEO of Pronar – Sergiusz Martyniuk, has been shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious award, granted by the Polish Business Council Board in “Success” category.

The award of the Polish Business Council Board, by many journalists, is often named by “Business Oscars”, and the tradition of awarding has continued since 2012. It is awarded to individuals who through hard work, courage and determination, are making a difference to Polish industry. The submitted candidates are subjected to an in-depth analysis by the Award’s Chapter of more than 25 people, consisting of national authorities of economic, scientific and cultural life, but also laureates of all previous editions of this competition.

The award of Polish Business Council Board is given in four different categories, under the auspices of late founders and presidents of the Polish Busness Council Board: “Social Activity” category, under Andrzej Czernecki’s auspices, “Special Award” category, under Jan Wejchert’s auspices and finally “Success” category, under Jan Kulczyk auspices, awarded “for the implementation of a spectacular business project that has had a lasting impact of the Polish market”.

Being a finalist for the Polish Council Business Board award in the “Success” category is recognition of the highest level of Pronar’s activities and its importance to the Polish industry. This nomination also underlines Pronar’s commitment to excellence, innovation and dynamic development. The success of Pronar’s CEO – Sergiusz Martyniuk has become an inspiration for all entrepreneurs in Poland. His path shows that through determination in pursuit of a goal, hard work and innovation, it is possible to achieve remarkable, but also long-lasting success in business. Pronar – which is the undisputed leader on the production of trailers, green forage, municipal and recycling machinery, as well as wide range of produced components – is proof of this.

We are delighted that the contribution and long-term work of the Pronar’s CEO in strengthening the Polish industry has been recognized by the distinguished members of the Polish Business Council Board. This recognition is not only a personal achievement of Sergiusz Martyniuk, but also a collective honour for the whole team of Pronar. This prestigious award is also a motivation for further dynamic development not only in Poland, but also in global markets.

We sincerely congratulate Pronar’s CEO on this well-deserved award and wish him continued success!