On 28th of May, 2024, at the headquarters of the Military University of Technology in Warsaw, a key cooperation agreement was signed between this prestigious university and the Pronar company. Document was signed by the CEO of Pronar, Sergiusz Martyniuk, and the Rector-Commander of the Military University of Technology, Brigadier General prof. Przemysław Wachulak.

Collaboration between Military University of Technology and Pronar will cover a wide range of activities, including: initiating and conducting research and development work, obtaining funding sources, commercialization of research results and transfer of those results to the economy. The promotion of research results, scientific and research consulting and a wide range of technical and technological consultations were also envisaged. The cooperation will culminate in the joint organization of trainings, courses and academic conferences, as well as the exchange of knowledge and experiences.

General Przemysław Wachulak, in his words emphasized the importance of the new partnership, which marks an important milestone in the integration of academia and industry, saing: “The Military University of Technology is joining forces with industry. Pronar – an exemplary, self-sufficient manufacturing company with multiple business profiles, has joined to our industrial partners. For our University, cooperation with Pronar means an opportunity to carry out scientific research responding to the specific needs of industry in the development of new technology in the areas such as: mechatronics, electronics and optoelectronics, automation, IT and telecommunications, mechanical engineering, materials engineering, environmental protection and biomedical engineering. It is also an opportunity to verify the knowledge gained by our students through the implementation of internships and placements in the company”.

The CEO of Pronar – Sergiusz Martyniuk, also expressed enthusiasm about the established collaboration: “The most important thing is technology, which allows us to create unique equipment and machinery. I am convinced that the cooperation with the Military University of Technology, where an innovative concept will be realized and the project will be implemented, will result in supplying the Polish economy with more and more innovative solutions, competitive for the foreign markets” – emphasized Sergiusz Martyniuk.

The signing ceremony was also attended by key representatives of both parties, including Vice-Chancellor for Scientific Affairs – prof. Andrzej Dobrowolski, Director of the Institute of Optoelectronics (IOE) – prof. Krzysztof Kopczyński, Director of the Biomedical Engineering Centre – prof. Zygmunt Mierczyk, the Consultant of the Consultant of the Director of the IOE for Special Technologies – Stanisław Dąbrowski and Director of the Institute of Vehicles and Transport of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering – Jerzy Jackowski Ph.D. The Pronar Company was represented by Board Member – Deputy Director for Implementation and Innovation – Jarosław Kiryluk and HR Department Manager – Krzysztof Lewczuk.

The agreement, signed on 28th of May, 2024 in Warsaw heralds a fruitful collaboration that will bring a number of benefits not only to Pronar and the Military University of Technology, but also to the development of the entire industrial sector in Poland.