Spreaders PRONAR T130, T131, T132

Spreaders PRONAR T131, T131, T132 are towed salt spreaders powered from tractor’s hydraulic system. This machines are design for winter road spreading with sand and salt. The loading box is reinforced with internal stabilizing grille and special side profiles. Fixed above is a special sieve which prevents lumpy material or stones from getting into loading box. Anti-corrosion protection provide layer of two component chemically hardened material. Adjustment of working width as well as feeding belt speed help in precise control of spreading parameters.

  1. 1
    Good size spreader in a good price, low operation cost.
  2. 2
    Adjustment of spreading parameters.
  3. 3
    Reinforced loading box.
  4. 4
    Layer of two component chemically hardened material on loading box.
Max. total weight 3500 5160 7100 kg
Load capacity 2520 3800 5500 kg
Weight 980 1360 1600 kg
Container capacity 2 3 4 m3
Spreading surface* 3,8 4,4 4,4 m2
Container internal lenght 2749 3300 3300 mm
Container internal width 1386 1386 1386 mm
Container height 625 815 815 mm
Distance from the base to the top edge of the box 1670 1950 2270 mm
Suspension Rigid
Max. towing eye load 500 1000 1100 kg
Tires 10,0/75-15,3 11.5/80-15.3 15/70-18
Maximum speed 40 km/h
Belt conveyor width 800 mm
No. of sprading adapter discs 2 pcs
Max. spreading disc rate of rotation 150* rpm
Spreading width 1700-3000 1800-2800 1800-2800 mm
Min. Tractor power demand 35/47,6 44/60 70/51 kW/HP
Hydraulic system pressure 16 MPa
Tractor’s hydraulic min. demand 32 l/min

Additional equipment (option) :

  • Spare wheel
  • Service platform side
  • Single – wire pneumatic brake system
  • Hydraulic brake system
  • Distinctive triangle for low speed vehicle

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    • Download PDF FileOperating instructions
    • Download PDF FileOperating instructions