Platform spreaders Pronar SPT70 & HPT70

The platform spreaders Pronar SPT70 & HPT70 are designed for winter maintenance of roads by spreading sand, salt, or their mixture, also with brine spraying. The disc spreading adapter allows spreading sand and salt on width of up to 12m (depending on the material). The brine system enables the spreading material to be sprayed with a solution of water and salt in order to accelerate the action of the salt, extend its duration of action and prevent it from rolling of the road. Thanks to the possibility of setting the asymmetry of spreading, it’s possible to spread two lanes in one pass. Due to the combination between controller and the carries, the spreading weight is constant regardless of the driving speed.

The SPT70 & HPT70 spreaders can be connected with carriers with loading capacity not less than 14T. Due to RO-RO technology it is possible to load them on the tipper platform without using other equipment.

The spreading is controlled by an electric controller operated from a control panel with a LCD screen located inside the carrier. The operator has the status of the machine and its settings under constant supervision. It’s possible to equip the temperature and surface icing sensor and to integrate the spreader with the machine operation system and GPS.

  1. 1
    Control panel
    Allows monitoring and adjustment of operating parameters:
    -Driving speed
    -Type of material
    -Given weight
    -Width of spreading
    -Switching on the brine spray
  2. 2
    Spreader adapter
    Made of stainless steel with height adjustment from the ground
  3. 3
    Spreading sensor
    Optical or touch sensor
    -Informs the operator in the cabin (via the control panel) whether material is being discharged
    -Informs about an anomaly or no material in the bin

  4. 4
    Tarpaulin and splitting sieve
    Tarpaulin protecting the spreading material from rain can be opened from ground level.
    The splitting sieve protects the sprinkling unit from large stones and frozen lumps of material.
  5. 5
    Brine sprinkler system
    Equipped with 6 tanks, 450 liters each (2700 liters)
Brine tank capacity 2700 l
Spreader capacity 7,8 or 9
Salt spreading weight Regulated between 5-40 g/m³
Aggregate sprinkling weight Regulated between 50-200 g/m³
Working speed 10-70 km/h

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