Self-loading spreaders PRONAR HZW150 & HZW200

The PRONAR HZW150 & HZW200 self-loading spreaders are designed for spreading sand, salt, or their mixture, in winter. Constant spreading width allows to work without exposing the façade of buildings to damage, as well as driving near pedestrians. Rear lighting allows the spreader to work on public roads. Universal mounting on a Euro frame type suspension allows the spreader to be connected with wide range of carries, such as excavators, loaders, and, after using and adapter, with vehicles equipped with three-point linkage. There is a possibility to design a mount adapter for any carrier.

The spreader is loaded by lowering it to the level of a pile and driving it into it. The tarpaulin protecting the hopper can be folded with one hand movement. These facilities allow the machine to be operated by a single operator, without the need for other loading machines.

The material is spread by a stainless steel roller adapter. An agitator in the hopper ensures that the material is discharged efficiently onto the roller, and a safety grille protects the spreading mechanism from damage by stones and large frozen clods.

The spreader mechanism can be driven from the PTO shaft or directly from the carrier’s hydraulics, there is also possibility to set the operating parameters via an electronic controller.

  HZW1150 HZW200 unit
Capacity 1300 1600 kg
Tank capacity 0.8 1
Spreading width 1.5 2 m
Power supply Hydraulic or PTO Hydraulic or PTO  
Nom. installation expense 30 30 l/min
PTO 540 540 rpm
Spreading speed 5 to 40 5 to 40 km/h
Mounting 3-point linkage 3-point linkage  
Required lift capacity 3-point linkage 2000 2500 kg
Weight 425 510 kg

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